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UPDATES: Tryfa stopped paying to their Associates and asking their Associates to take refund


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Company Complying with


Guidelines Gazzette on 26 October 2016

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Ponzi Schemes or Money Circulation Plan (Without Sales of Products or Services) like Speakasia, AdsCash, Webpagelike, True Life India, Banana India, Big Life Way and many more. . . . . .

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(Legal Company) Tryfa Plan, the Best Direct Selling Plan from a Product Base Company with unique Hybrid Concept of Working and Nonworking Income Plan.

What is Tryfa Direct Selling Plan?

Try Fashion Pvt. Ltd. (Tryfa) is a Fardidabad, Haryana based Garment Manufacturing Company has also an E-Commerce Portal (, running for the last few years.  Company has own Production Unit at Ballabhgarh, Haryana as well as Office at Prime Location in Faridabad.

Try Fashion Pvt. ltd. launched the Tryfa Direct Selling Plan (MLM Plan) with the name of Tryfa with website where going to set-up Direct Selling Business Plan (very Unique Concept in Network Marketing Industry) and give us an opportunity to earn money through Network Marketing by doing work from Home or selling it’s products.

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Key Feature of Tryfa Plan

  • Tryfa Plan is 100% Legal Company, comply with Direct Selling Guidelines.
  • Own Production Unit at Ballabhgarh, Haryana
  • Office in Prime Location of Faridabad, Haryana
  • Tax Invoice (Pakka Receipt) of Payment Deposited
  • Fulfill all the guidelines of Direct Selling Business.
  • Most Important : Tryfa Offers Franchise to all Members joined to earn through Product Sale and also gives an opportunity to earn by doing some daily task.
  • Promotional Income (Binary) : 10% (left right matching – unlimited depth)
  • Payout Mode : (1) Weekly & Monthly for Task Income (2) Every 15 days or Promotional Income.

Tryfa Plan is the fastest growing Business Plan in India

  • Successfully executing Direct Selling Business from November, 2016
  • 75% In-house Manufacturing.  Company is registered at Faridabad (Haryana)
  • Company is member of FICCI
  • Company has submitted Direct Selling Business Model to Ministry Of Consumer Affairs on 5th May 2017
  • All Payout Transaction through Bank (NEFT) only after deduction as per Government Policy.
  • Company is accepting payment through DD, NEFT, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, Netbanking, Debit, Credit Card and Money Transfer. No Cash Transaction.
  • Payout will be release only after KYC Approval
  • 30 Days refund Policy
  • 60 days time to double (Booster) your daily Gift Voucher Income 

For Joining Tryfa Plan :

Presently Not paying, Take Refund from Company

WhatsApp “TRYFA” TO : +91 8586009683 (Only Leaders for Power Leg)

Package & Service of Tryfa Plan:

Tryfa Plan offers 6 Plans from which you have to select one as per your wish to start earning from Validity of each plan is 12 months except Freedom Plan from the date of activation of your ID.

1) Freedom Plan – 100% free (Benefit Limited to 1 Month Only)

  • Daily Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income) : 2 Task × Rs.5/- = Rs.10 daily
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 5% of every Product Sale
  • No Commission will be paid for Package Sales
  • User can upgrade Freedom plan to any other packages and after upgrading package commission will get released as per Company Policy.

2) Starter Plan – Rs.7,100

  • Daily Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income): 10 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.50 daily (After booster Rs.100 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 1,500 
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 5% of Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs 75,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

3) Basic Plan – Rs.18,500

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 20 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.100 daily (After booster Rs.200 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 7,000 
  • Franchise Income : 10% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.1,50,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

4) Silver Plan – Rs.36,600

  • Daily Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income): 50 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.250 daily (After booster Rs.500 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 15,750
  • Franchise Income : 15% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.2,50,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

5) Gold Plan – Rs.61,400

  • Daily Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income) : 110 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.550 daily (After booster Rs.1,000 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 31,750
  • Franchise Income : 20% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.4,00,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

5) Platinum Plan Rs.1,23,000

  • Daily Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income) : 230 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.1,150 daily (After booster Rs.2,300 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 78,750
  • Franchise Income : 25% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.6,00,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

NOTE : Gift Voucher Incentive is not Guaranteed, this Income is totally depend on the Availability / Task given by Company and task completed by you.

What is Tryfa Wallet ?

It’s an Exclusive Wallet from Try Fashion Pvt. Ltd. for using on their E-Commerce Portal (, from where you can buy any product using this wallet, it’s exclusive brand D-Dang and Cutsey (Maximum 20% of Wallet Balance can be used in a Month).

About Tryfa Wallet & Franchise Income : CLICK HERE.

Benefits of joining Tryfa Plan:

Tryfa Plan offers the Most Innovative and Dynamic Compensation Plan in the Direct Selling Industry where you have with 6 (six) ways to earn Income from Tryfa Plan:

1) Franchise Income
2) Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income)
3) Direct Referral Incentive (Booster Income)
4) Promotional Incentive (Binary Income)
5) Royalty Income 
6) Monthly Rewards

For Complete Compensation Plan : CLICK HERE.

How To Join Tryfa Direct Selling Plan?

1- Click here for Registration (Referral Link :

2- Enter Sponsor / Referral DSA ID : 10004561 (Position : Right Side for Power) 

3- Type your Full Name (as per PAN Card) | Nominee Name | PAN Number (If don’t have PAN, click on Applied for PAN) | Address (As per Aadhar Card only) | Gender (Male / Female) | Date of Birth (as per PAN) | E-Mail ID | Mobile Number | Password | Select State & City | Tick Agree with Terms & Conditions and Click on Register.

4- Done, you have successfully registered with Try Group and and now you are member of Try Group.  

5- Note down your DSA ID for your reference.

NOTE : You will not able to login the portal without activation / Top-Up your ID.

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How to activate Tryfa ID?

Trya Plan offer many options to activate / top-up your ID to start working or earning from Tryfa like payment through JDPay (Just Dial) | Cheque or DD | NEFT or IMPS | and Free (for freedom package).  Let us discuss here for the process for how to activate / top-up your ID using NEFT or IMPS with following step : –

Step 1- First of all open Tryfa website : 

Step 2- Make payment of desired package through NEFT or IMPS to the following Bank Account of the Company : –

Account Number                :    201000120253
Account Holder Name       :    
Try Fashion Private Limited
Bank Name                        :    
IndusInd Bank
IFSC Code                          :     
MICR Code                         :    
Branch                               :     
SCO no. 10,Sector – 16, HUDA Commercial Complex, Faridabad, Haryana- 121002

Step 3- Once you paid the amount of the Package Amount and Click on the link of Payment Details on Tryfa Website (or directly click on :

  • Payment Mode : Select payment Mode NEFT.
  • Payee Name : Type name of member.
  • From Bank (Payee) : Select Name of your Bank from where money transferred.
  • Bank Transaction Number : Type UTR Number / Reference Number or RRN Number (incase of IMPS)
  • Payee Phone Number : Type your active mobile number so that you can get alert of ID activation.
  • Payment for : Type your DSA ID | Select Plan Name (check amount you deposited) 
  • Payment Date : Select date of NEFT / IMPS / RTGS Make 
  • To Account (TryFa) : Select Bank Account where payment deposited

Step 4- That’s All! Click on Submit!

Step 5- Done! Your account will get activated within 3 working and confirmation message / e-mail will be sent.  



Services of Tryfa Plan Includes :

(1) E-Commerce Portal :
(2) Direct Selling Business (MLM) Portal :
(3) IT Service and Gift Voucher Incentive :

Contact Details of the Company :

Registered Address: 229, 2ND floor, Vardhman Mall, Near Badhkal Mor Metro Station, Faridabad -121002, Haryana
Support: +91-9015089089
Official Website:
Email Id:

Legal Documents of Tryfa


For Legal Documents of Company CLICK HERE to check

Tryfa Plan Review:

  • Tryfa Plan is Product Based Company in Direct Selling Business based at prime location in Faridabad, Haryana (complying as per Direct Selling Guideline).
  • Company has own Production Unit in Ballabhgarh, Haryana and also Office located at prime location of Faridabad, Haryana.
  • On every member joining Company is giving Product and offering its Franchise to earn money by selling their product.
  • Company is also giving and opportunity to Earn Money by doing Some Daily Task (without selling any Product).
  • So according to us Company would probably run longer and we think it’s Right Time to Join Tryfa Plan and Make a Good Money from it.
  • But still, we recommend you to check all legal documents of Trya Plan and also do not invest more than, you can not afford to loose in Tryfa Business. 
  • If there is any loss from Tryfa Business, you will not blame anyone in near future (we cannot guarantee your profit).


Please open your email (Inbox / Span) and verify the subscription.

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