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Here is the Revolutionary solution to Earn Big Money every single day with Tryfa Compensation Plan. Tryfa Plan is Faridabad, Haryana based Company provides working from Home Online Business Opportunity Worldwide and most Innovative Tryfa Compensation Plan.

Here you have to just work for few hours daily online with your Smart Phone or PC or Laptop Earn up to INR2,300/day, 100% REAL & Guarantee Income . . . . . from Tryfa 100% Legal Compensation Plan.


Tryfa Compensation Plan, the most Innovative and Dynamic Compensation in the Direct Selling Industries.  Tryfa Plan offers 6 (six) Types of Plans from which you have to select one as per your wish to start earning from Validity of each plan is 12 months except Freedom Plan from the date of activation of your ID.

” Freedom Plan – 100% free (Benefit Limited to 1 Month Only)

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 2 Task × Rs.5/- = Rs.10 daily
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 5% of every Product Sale
  • No Commission will be paid for Package Sales
  • User can upgrade Freedom plan to any other packages and after upgrading package commission will get released as per Company Policy.

” Starter Plan – Rs.7,100

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 10 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.50 daily (After booster Rs.100 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 1,500 
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 5% of Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs 75,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

” Basic Plan – Rs.18,500

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 20 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.100 daily (After booster Rs.200 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 7,000 
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 10% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.1,50,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

” Silver Plan – Rs.36,600

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 50 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.250 daily (After booster Rs.500 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 15,750
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 15% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.2,50,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

Gold Plan – Rs.61,400

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 110 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.550 daily (After booster Rs.1,000 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 31,750
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 20% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.4,00,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

” Platinum Plan Rs.1,23,000

  • Daily Gift Voucher Income : 230 Task x Rs.5/- = Rs.1,150 daily (After booster Rs.2,300 daily)
  • Tryfa Wallet Balance : NR 78,750
  • Franchise Cashback Income : 25% of every Product Sale
  • Binary Capping : Rs.6,00,000 (For Sales Incentive for 15 days)

NOTE : Gift Voucher Incentive is not Guaranteed, this Income is totally depend on the Availability / Task given by Company and task completed by you.

For Company Profile & Complete Plan – CLICK HERE

What is Tryfa Wallet ?

It’s an Exclusive Wallet from Try Fashion Pvt. Ltd. for using on their E-Commerce Portal (, for buying any product using this wallet, it’s exclusive brand D-Dang and Cutsey (Maximum 20% of Wallet Balance can be used in a Month).

Benefits of Tryfa Compensation Plan:

Tryfa Plan offers the Most Innovative and Dynamic Compensation Plan in the Direct Selling Industry where you have with 6 (six) ways to earn Income from Tryfa Plan:

A) Franchise Income
B) Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income)
C) Direct Referral Incentive (Booster Income)
D) Promotional Incentive (Binary Income)
E) Royalty Income 
F) Rewards

A) Franchise Income

When you join Tryfa Plan, you also get franchise of Try Fashion Pvt. Ltd. and you will be allotted a Franchise Code as Gift V ID.  When you promote your Franchise Code / Gift V ID to your friends / family members or anyone, you know, they get discount of 5% to 25% (as per Franchise Package) while doing purchase from their E-Commerce Portal (  and also you get a Cashback of 5% to 25% (as per Franchise Package) to your Bank Account after deducting necessary TDS + Admin Fee.

B) Gift Voucher Incentive (Task Income)

Try Web Technologies (A sister Concern Company of Try Fashion Pvt. Ltd,), a Try Group Company, gives an opportunity to earn as Gift Voucher Incentive / Task Income on daily basis by doing some simple task for viewing / clicking some promotional link and adds of Tryfa Group to generate maximum traffic of Company website and their social media page to maximize their Sales and Services of their Products.  You can earn Gift Voucher Incentive as per details below : 

C) Direct Referral Incentive (Booster Income)

Direct Referral Incentive can be treated as Booster Income, means you get a change to increase your Daily Gift Voucher Incentive upto double.  

To achieve Booster Income, you have to refer 4 direct sponsor of same package or any package equivalent to your package amount x 4 within 60 days from the date of your id activation as per following : – 

Your package x 1 – 20% Direct Referral Incentive

Your package x 2 – 40% Direct Referral Incentive

Your package x 3 – 60% Direct Referral Incentive

Your package x 4 – 100% Direct Referral Incentive

D) Promotional Incentive (Binary Income)

The most important income of Tryfa Plan is Promotional Incentive i.e. Binary Income, which is one where you do not have to do anything and you get money automatically into your Account.

You get 10% of the business value matching on both leg Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth in every 15 days) and Power Leg Carry-forward.  Binary Income starts only after completing 1:1 sales with Direct Referral.

E) Royalty Income

After achieving a certain Business Target of Tryfa Plan you will be eligible for Royalty Income (as fixed monthly salary) with some minimum business commitments.  The Royalty clubs are :  

F) Rewards

Tryfa Plan offers very good rewards to motivate / encourage their Direct Sale Associates time to time, please note the following : – 

1) Rewards can be vary in every month. So for latest updation of rewards please visit website time to time

2) Any two rewards can be availed during a month on a single ID.

3) Rewards can be received from the Head Office of Tryfa or Mega Seminar which will be announced by Company  time to time.

4) If DSA goes for Cash instead of Products then Company will deduct 5% TDS & 9.40% Admin Fee 


For Company Profile & Complete Plan CLICK HERE


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