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What is SKN Coin Plan (Skoin Coin) ?

Skoin Coin ( SKN Coin ) is a newly launched Cryptographically secure and reliable method of payment.  SKN Coin is unlike anything presently on the market. SKN Coin is a next generation cryptocurrency which aspires to compete with the likes of NXT and MasterCoin.

SKN Coin offers an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting. It is becoming increasingly difficult to realize extraordinary returns in more established cryptocurrencies.

SKN Coin is also listed in following international exchange for live trading, where you can also create your account for daily trading (buying / selling) or investment for MLM Plan with : –

  1. Nova Exchange –
  2. Coin Exchange –

Very soon SKN Coin will be coming to a renowned international website like :

SKN Coin Plan is beneficial for those who missed buying ATC Coin of price of each @ Rs. 1 ( in starting ); and present price of the one ATC Coin is more than Rs. 50/- (within 3-4 months time).

SKN Coin  also launched worldwide in MLM with the name of, a very unique Plan (Binary Binary Concept) founded by Mr. Santosh Khandagale in the comparison of other Coin Plan with best services and Management.


Coin Name: Skoin Coin (SKN Coin)

Starting Price: Re. 1

Current Buy Price: Rs. 2.55 – as on 05.11.2017 with

Ready Recharge Price: Rs. 1.08 – as on 05.10.2017
(ReadyRecharge is an Android App of SKN Coin Team, where you can convert your SKN Coin in INR for day-to-day expenses).

Estimated Price: Rs.50-Rs.100
As per current scenario SKN Coin price may hit Rs.50-Rs.100/- in next 1-3 years  ( it is just assumption not guaranteed ).

Refer id: TOPLEADER (Ravindra Yadav)

Referral Link : Click Here

Call & WhatsApp :+91-84486 29510 (Only Leaders for Power Leg)

Minimum Investment: 2,500 SKN (for INR – multiply with current rate)

What is ? is the MLM Platform for SKN Coin Plan, where you can build your team / network and can earn ROI or incentive through SKN Coin plan. offers binary and generation earning combo plan for SKN Coin, where you get more income as compared to any other coin platform.

SKN Coin Plan Offers 0.5% daily ROI (i.e. 15% monthly), and it has very unique feature that you can withdraw your daily earning into your trading exchange on daily basis (instantly) without any charges.  This facility is not available with any other Coin Plan.

About Mr. Santosh Khandagale:  He is one of the fast growing businessman involved with IT Background, running own Digital Media Company.  He was previously in service with Government for 17 years as Registrar in Maharashtra, India..

For Joining SKN Coin Plan

Click-Here-To-Join-LCC-Coin-PlanSponsor ID / Referral ID : TOPLEADER (Ravindra Yadav)

Extreme Position :  LEFT (For Power)

For Registration : Click Here

Nitin : +91-8750877691 / +91-8368801009

Mohit : +91-8219395889 / +91-9650745552

SKN Coin Plan (Skoin Coin) Packages

SKN Coin Plan offers Amazing Business Opportunity in the Crypto-Currency World.  SKN Coin Plan has (05) five types of packages and the validity of each package is 360 days and after that you have to renew your package, the packages are : –

” Bronze Package

  • Package Cost : 2,500 SKN Coin
  • Daily Bonus : 12.5 SKN Coin
  • Valid Click : 10 Per Day
  • Validity : 360 days

” Silver Package

  • Package Cost : 5,000 SKN Coin
  • Daily Bonus : 25 SKN Coin
  • Valid Click : 10 Per Day
  • Validity : 360 days

” Gold Package

  • Package Cost : 10,000 SKN Coin
  • Daily Bonus : 50 SKN Coin
  • Valid Click : 10 Per Day
  • Validity : 360 days

” Platinum Package

  • Package Cost : 25,000 SKN Coin
  • Daily Bonus : 125 SKN Coin
  • Valid Click : 10 Per Day
  • Validity : 360 days

” Diamond Package

  • Package Cost : 50,000 SKN Coin
  • Daily Bonus : 250 SKN Coin
  • Valid Click : 10 Per Day
  • Validity : 360 days

NOTE : The above plan is in SKN Coin not in INR

Example : If today’s price of One SKN is Rs.1.71 and you want take Silver Package of 5,000 SKN – Then cost would be INR 8,550/- (5,000 x 1.71)

SKN Plan offers 5 (five) Types of Incomes

1) Daily ROI Bonus (0.50% daily):
Daily ROI Bonus @ 0.5% will be given on daily basis, starting from next day of deposit confirmation.  The most important part SKN Coin Plan is, you can withdraw your Daily Bonus (earning) into trading exchange (like NovaExchange or Coin Exchange) for doing daily trading.

2) Direct Referral Bonus Income (5%) :
Whenever you refer any person directly with your Sponsor ID, you will get 5% as Direct Referral Bonus for all packages.
Unlimited Direct Referral allowed and there is no capping on Direct Referral Bonus Income.

3) Binary Bonus Income (10%) :
Binary Bonus is calculated on matching sales of your two group (Left & Right).

You get 10% of the business value matching on both legs Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth). Two direct referral is must 1 Left and 1 Right side.

Note : Daily Binary Bonus Income Capping is 150% of Purchased Package.

4) Sponsor Binary Bonus Income :
This is amazing income of SKN Coin Plan, you can call this as Magic Binary Income.  Here you will get 20% from the Binary Bonus Income earned by your Directly Referred Person for always.
Example : If you referred A & B as your Direct referral and they earns Binary Income of Rs.1 Lac then you will also get Rs.20,000 (1,00,000 x 20%) as Sponsor Binary Bonus Income.
Note : There is no capping on Sponsor Binary Income Bonus.
5) Reward : Rewards is announced by the Management time to time.


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Why Choose SKN Coin Plan?

SKN Coin is new CryptoCurrency and have good services, co-operative Admin and Management and have some potential to grow.

It has facility to convert SKN Coin into INR for day to day expenses like Recharge, Utility Bill Payment through its Android App called ReadyRecharge (available on PlayStore).

Very soon SKN Coin will be a huge offer after sometime and you can spend it like normal money, for following : –

  • Hotel Booking
  • Ticket Booking (Air/Bus/Train etc)
  • Grocery Item
  • Shopping portal
  • There is much more that you can do by using SKN Coin and many new things will be opening soon (as stated by the founder of SKN Coin –

How to Register (Free) or Join SKN Coin Plan?

You can do Free Registration or Joining with SKN Coin Plan with very simple process, just follow the below-given steps:

1. For Joining, First of all Visit :

2. After opening above website, fill the following details .

  • Sponsor ID : TOPLEADER (Ravindra Yadav)
  • Extreme Position : Left for Power
  • Type Full Name : As per PAN & Aadhar Card
  • Valid Mobile Number :
  • Select State and Type City :
  • Type Username : (as per your choice)
  • Type Password & Retype Password : (confidential)
  • Type PAN Card No. :
  • Click I Agree Terms & Conditions
  • Click on Submit Form button.
  • Then Click on Submit button.

3. Done, you have successfully registered and now you can login using your user name and password.

How to Activate ID of SKN Coin Plan?

Buying SKN Coin or Activation of ID with is very easy and simple process.  You can buy SKN Coin or Activate your ID with these following for 03 (three) options : –

(1) ID Activation using Indian Bank Account deposit : You can buy SKN Coin and activate your ID using fund deposit in Bank Account for those who want to buy using INR by following these simple steps : –

  • First of all deposit payment in Company Bank Account using NEFT / IMPS / Cash Deposit / Cheque / DD in the following bank account: –

Bank Account Details
Bank Name – ICICI Bank
Account Holder – Proglobe Media Techsys (opc) Pvt. Ltd.
Account Number – 050805500901
IFSC Code – ICIC0000508
Branch Name – Chakan

  • After deposit payment in above account, please send Transaction Details with your User ID to Company’s Wahtsapp number or to your upline (who referred you) and your ID will be activated within 4-24 Hrs.

(2) ID Activation using BitCoin (Gateway) : Who are from out side of India or from India and want to buy SKN Coin using Bitcoin, they can activate their ID using BitCoin with below simple steps : –

  • First of all login to with your User Name and Password
  • Go to Package Trading >> Click on Purchase Packages
  • Select Packages you want to Purchase
  • Click on Submit Button
  • Select Payment Information as BTC >> Then required BTC and Company BTC Address will appear
  • Send required BTC to the mentioned Address
  • After sending BTC to the Company BTC Address, you will get a acknowledgement
  • Done, your ID is activated instantly.

(3) ID Activation using SKN Coin Purchased from your Known or from NovaExchange: Person who are familiar with CryptoCurrency can activate their ID after buying SKN Coin from or purchase of friends / known people with below simple steps : –

  • First of all login to with your User Name and Password
  • Go to SKCOIN Wallet >> Click on Generate SKN Coin Wallet
  • Copy the SKN Coin Wallet Address and send SKN Coin from Nova Exchange to this Address or ask your friends to send SKN Coin to this Wallet Address.
  • Now, Go to Package Trading >> Click on Purchase Packages
  • Select Packages you want to Purchase
  • Click on Submit Button
  • Select Payment Information as SKN Wallet
  • Click on PreActivation button
  • Done, your ID is activated instantly

For any support or query, you can contact me at +91-8448629510

Contact Details of

Company Name : Progloble Media Techsys Pvt. Ltd.
Company Address :
Office no – 6, First floor, Ghanesham – D, Govind gardan chowk, Pimpale sudagar, Pune – 411027 (Maharashtra)
E-mail : /

SKN Coin Plan Review

SKN Coin is next generation Crypto-Currency and with the services of SKN Coin we assume that it has some potential to grow but be aware that the price of CryptoCurrency could go Up and Down within few minute.

This is just starting stage of SKN Coin; if SKN Coin purchased in starting then there is chances of increase in price in the future. You can start buying with small amount.

SKN Coin Plan already launched ReadyRecharge Android Mobile App, where SKN Coin can be converted into INR for daily expenses.

But still I recommend, do not investment much amount you can not afford to loose and never invest more money in the greed of earning more money.

Please join SKN Coin Plan at your own risk only.

If you have any question / query, then don’t forget to Comment Below or call me on +91-8448629510

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