Obtanix Business Plan Review – Legit or Big Scam? (Don’t Join)


Welcome to Obtanix Business Plan Review!  

Here, we tried our best effort to compile all the necessary information related to Obtanix Business Plan so you make the best choice possible.  Because as per my view, Investing is no just a joke, as well as traditional money, everything can go wrong with a few lousy decisions.

Sure you will find this review very interesting that after reading this you can know about MLM’s and these kinds of business opportunities.

Always remember that knowledge is the only one thing that no one can take away from you.


About Obtanix Business Plan Review

Obtanix is a Multilevel Level Marketing Company that offer cryptocurrencies based on real assets – it is like physical gold. The company launched in February 2017.

You’ll need to pay between $100 and $10,000 to join the Obtanix Business Plan.

The first product of Obtanix’s which is Xenos (Xen).  Each unit of “Xen” is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% purity gold.  It is just like other crypto-currencies, you can transfer Xenos in a fast and transparent way.

Obtanix has set up cutting edge Mining Farms in China, Hungary and Poland, which are occupied with the mining of digital forms of money, for the most part Bitcoins. Obtanix utilizes best-in-class Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) for mining with a Hash Rate of 14 Terahash/second (TH/s).

Company Headquartered in Denmark, and headed by Alvey Gomer, CEO, Obtanix is one of the early adopters and believers of the crypto space and has been heavily engaged in Mining, Exchange and Trading of crypto-currencies since 2014, which we collectively call the Power of 3.


Packages of Obtanix Business Plan?

Obtanix Business Plan offers four packages for both Individual and Corporations and you have to select any of the mentioned Package.  Each package offers different benefits in terms of ROI, Xenox and the other income benefits : –

“Basic Plan – $100
• Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
• 1 Xenos unit or 1 Gm Pure 99.9% Gold
• 5% fast track bonus
• No differential FTB
• 10% dual team commissions
• Capped earnings of $100 USD

“Starter Plan – $500
• Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
• 5 Xenos units or 5 Gm Pure 99.9% Gold
• 7% fast track bonus
• 2% max differential FTB
• 10% dual team commissions
• Capped earnings of $500 USD

“Advanced Plan – $2500
• Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
• 28 Xenos units or 28 Gm Pure 99.9% Gold
• 8% fast track bonus
• 3% max differential FTB
• 10% dual team commissions
• Capped earnings of $1000 USD

“Premium Plan – $10,000
• Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
• 120 Xenos units or 120 Gm Pure 99.9% Gold
• 10% fast track bonus
• 5% max differential FTB
• 10% dual team commissions
• Capped earnings of $2500

(1 UNIT = 100 USD)

Obtanix World Class Compensation Plan?

Obtanix Compensation Plan is best-in-class, created for both long term and fast paced growth and includes the following:

  1. Returns on Investment
  2. Fast Track Bonus
  3. Differential Fast Track Bonus
  4. Dual Team Commission


You are placed into investment portfolio of Mining, Trading & Exchange activities. Profits are distributed every week between 2.5% – 5% depending upon the investment outlook.  The returns are credited on a weekly basis for 75 weeks.

The best part of Obtanix Plan is – 50% of the returns are redeemed into the wallet while balance 50% are re-invested into the investment amount thereby increasing the returns every week.

Example : If you invested $ 500 and return of the week is 5% = $25 (500 x 5%) then you will able to withdraw $12.5 (25/2) and balance $ 12.5 will be re-invested and on next week you will get return on $512.5 ($ 500 principle + $12.5 re-investment).


Obtanix Business Plan provides an opportunity to everyone and works on word-of-mouth referrals. Whenever you personally introduce someone into Obtanix Business Plan, you will get a Fast Track Bonus (Direct Referral), which varies from 5 to 10% (as per package type you the Sponsor hold).

Account upgrades also warrant a Fast Track Bonus to the Sponsor.



If you have Bigger Package, you get more benefits. The Fast Track Bonus ranges from 5 to 10%, however, company pays out 10% on every new joining, by paying the difference in the range up to 10% in the form of Differential Fast Track Bonus.

If the Direct Sponsor is not a Premium package holder, company checks for higher package sponsors in the direct line of sponsorship and credits the balance Fast Track Bonus on differential basis.



Obtanix Business Plan offers amazing income called Dual Team Commissions (Binary Income).

Dual Team Commissions (Binary Income) is calculated based on matching of units / business from Left leg and Right leg. (1 Unit Left + 1 Unit Right = 1 pair and each pair = $ 10)

1 PAIR = USD 10
1 UNIT = USD 100

Daily Payouts :
Dual Team Commissions (Binary Income) are paid out everyday at the end of the day.

Earning Potential from Dual Team Commission (Binary Income)!
The earnings potential with Obtanix is enormous. Following tables shows maximum Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly with a single account : –


How to Join Obtanix Business Plan?

After reading about the Obtanix Business Plan you must be thinking about joining process.  Joining Obtanix Business Plan is simple and fully safe and secure, join Obtanix Business with these simple steps : –

1. First of Click on : https://obtanix.com/orange

2. Once Obtanix website is opened, now click on JOIN NOW button and type Sponsor ID as : ORANGE (if asked – many times it is picked automatically)


3. Now fill the following details into form and click on NEXT button : –

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Anniversary
  • Valid Email ID
  • City & Country

4. Now, a new form will appear again and please fill the following details or click on NEXT button : –

  • User Name (as per your choice)
  • Placement (Direct Sponsor)
  • Password (confidential – of your choice)
  • Position : (Left Side for Power)
  • Select Package (as per your Choice)

5.  Now check all the details entered are correct or not, if any mistake is there you can Modify and if details are correct then Tick the Check Box and click on NEXT button.

6. Now select Payment Methods as BITCOIN and click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT button.

(NOTE : If you want to register only and Pay Later then select Payment Methods as PAY LATER and click on JOIN NOW button)

7. Now, Company BTC Address and BTC amount will appear.  Copy the BTC Address of Company and send the required BTC from ZebPay / BlockChain or any other BTC Wallet.

8. Congratulations You have successfully Joined Obtanix Plan and your ID will be activated with 5-10 minutes.

Why to Join Obtanix Business Plan?

  • Stable, debt free Company
  • Solid Backing by a successful and established Business Group
  • Opportunity to be part of the Crypto-currency Revolution
  • Opportunity to have Xenos before the of official launch
  • Build a Global Business from home
  • Unmatched Compensation Plan
  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Strong Presence in many countries with continuous expansion plans in pipeline.

Obtanix Official Contact Details

Company Name : Obtanix Holdings ApS
Official Address : Lyngbyvej 13, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Website: obtanix.com
Email: info@obtanix.com

Final Verdict / Review of Obtanix Plan 

This company claims that they are generating ROIs from cryptocurrency mining and trading.  However, there is no actual proof of any mining or trading is taking place…

The only way this company is producing ROIs is by using new affiliate investment to pay off existing affiliates… when recruitment slows down or stop altogether, there may be no income flow… And company may not able to meet their ROI promises…

As per my opinion or research there are very good response from Market and joining member daily.  By this I think this is right time to join Obtanix Plan and make money from it.  I think Company would run longer or at least 2-3 years.

But, decision of joining this company is your’s and join at your own risk only . . . . . . . . coz there is not office in India so this plan is highly risky plan

We (TrickyIdeas) not directly associated with the Obtanix Company and we don’t any responsibility for any losses of Money from Obtanix Plan.




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