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Trust Score – 2/10

Minimum Investment – INR 10,500/-

About Fair Pay Traders Plan goldsphinx.org

Fair Pay Traders Plan (http://goldsphinx.org) is a Hyderabad based Company works from last 2 years they just change their name right.  Owner of the Company is Mr. Vasu Srinivas who is in the business of Real Estate and good experience in Trading Marketing.

As per Mr. Vasu Srinivas he was previously running a MLM Plan called Marcus Corporation – He claims that, this plan is launched for recovery of Marcus Corporation Investor.

Fair Pay Traders Plan (www.goldsphinx.org) is an another MLM Online Investment Company of India and offering very good Investment Plan with Daily Payout (Auto Withdrawal) but looking to the past history of Company’s owner, many may not run longer.

The best part of Fair Pay Traders Plan is, you can recover loss of Marcus Corporation and if you also investment then you don’t have to complete daily task for getting Return of Investment (ROI).

Man Behind this Company

Mr. Vasu Srinivas Reddy

Fair Pay Traders Plan & Benefits

Fair Pay Traders Plan has designed a very unique compensation plan to compensate members who are working to make the most out of this Income Opportunity.

Fair Pay Traders Plan has 05 (Five) different packages, out of which you have to select any one as per your choice for fixed period and after that you have to renew your ID again.

“INR 10,500/- (Package -1)

  • Daily ROI Income – Rs.110/-
  • After 2 Direct within 10 days / Daily Income – Rs.165/-
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.35,000/-
  • Plan Validity – 200 working days 

“INR 35,000/- (Package -2)

  • Daily ROI Income – Rs.375/-
  • After 2 Direct within 10 days / Daily Income – Rs.562/-
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.70,000/-
  • Plan Validity – 200 working days 

“INR 70,000/- (Package -3)

  • Daily ROI Income – Rs.750/-
  • After 2 Direct within 10 days / Daily Income – Rs.1,125/-
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.1,05,000/-
  • Plan Validity – 200 working days 

“INR 3,50,000/- (Package -4)

  • Daily ROI Income – Rs.3,850/-
  • After 2 Direct within 10 days / Daily Income – Rs.5,775/-
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.1,50,000/-
  • Plan Validity – 200 working days 

“INR 7,00,000/- (Package -5)

  • Daily ROI Income – Rs.8,000/-
  • After 2 Direct within 10 days / Daily Income – Rs.1,200/-
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000/-
  • Plan Validity – 200 working days 

Fair Pay Traders Plan offers Six Types of Income :

  1. Daily ROI Income
  2. Fair Pay Bonus / Booster Income
  3. Direct Referral Income
  4. Matching (Binary) Income
  5. Generation Level Income
  6. Awars & Rewards

2. Fair Pay Bonus / Booster Income

To get Fair Pay Bonus / Booster Income to increase your daily income, you have Sponsor 2 Direct Members of any package (Left & Right) within 10 of your ID Top-Up.  After achieving Booster you will get additional 0.50% daily income (apart from daily ROI).

3. Direct Referral Income – 05%

You will get 5% Referral Bonus i.e. whenever any person join Fair Pay Traders Plan through your Sponsor ID.

Example : If A joined with Company and B & C joined directly with the sponsor ID of A, then A will get 5% as Direct Sponsor Income from the package of B & C.  You can refer unlimited persons in your Direct.

4. Matching (Binary) Income – 10% (1:1 ratio)

The most important income is Matching (Binary) Income, which is one where you do not have to do anything and you get money automatically in your Account.  (Example : If you have made some team in starting, and if he works then you get Binary Income without doing any work)

You get 10% of the business value matching on both leg Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth).

Binary Capping as per mentioned in Plan.

5. Generation / Level Income : Apart from above income, you will also get Generation Income upto 3 Level as per details below : – 

Fair-Pay-Traders-Generation-Income6. Awards & Rewards : Company running Rewards time to time and present running Rewards is bellow : –

How to join Fair Pay Traders Plan:-

Joining Fair Pay Traders Plan is very simple process, just follow the below steps : –

Step 1 – First of All Click On : https://www.goldsphinx.org/r.asp?s=fair

Step 2- Type your Full Name | User Name (of your Choice)Mobile Number | E-Mail ID | Put Sponsor ID : FAIR | Select Placement Leg : LEFT Side |  Type Password and Confirm Password then finally Click on Submit Button.

Step 3- Done, you you have successfully registered.

Step 4- Now to activate your ID, Make Payment of your Desired Package Amount through IMPS or NEFT to any of the below Bank Account of Company : –

A/C NO. : 918020043111523
IFS CODE : UTIB0002157

Step 5- After Payment, you can also send screenshot to customer care or your upline or to Company.

Step 6- Done! Your account activated and you will start getting daily payment from next day morning.

Contact Details of Company:

Address : Plot No. 119, 11-13-163, Alkapuri Road No.3, Saroornagar, Rangareddy, Telangana

Final Review of Fair Pay Traders:

Company claims that, they are currently running trading projects and Company earns profits from trading so they shares some percentage of profit with our investment but actual there is no proof that trading doing or not.

Also keep in mind that its a crowdfunding concept so may be problem with company in future due to govt. rule regulations but looking to the back-ground of the Company owner, Company will not run longer and it highly risky plan

If we talk about asset of Company, Company says they have big Agriculture and Non-Agriculture Lands in Solapur, Maharashtra and Balanagar, Hyderabad.

Company is giving Land Registry as surety of your investment for package of INR 3,50,000 and INR 7,00,000 (means investment is little safe) so it is safer for investor but I would suggest don’t invest this company without taking security of your money.

Still, I recommend you, not to invest more than you cannot afford to lose it because there is always risk in Online Business.

If you have any query / information about Fair Pay Traders Plan (to be mentioned here), then don’t forget to Comment Below

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