epcwallet.com Plan | Easy Pay Cash Plan | Daily Auto Payout (Don’t Join)



Status of Easy Pay Cash – Not Paying Daily (Don’t Join)

Payment Gateway – INR Indian Bank Transfer

Minimum Investment – 3,000.00

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What is EPCWallet.Com Plan?

epcwallet.com Plan (Easy Pay Cash Plan) is an another MLM Online Investment Company of India and offering very good Investment Plan with Daily Payout.

EPC Wallet is a Sister Concerned Company of M/s S R Blue Chips and M/s Selesta ragan advisory Pvt Ltd., who are dealing with Share Trading or Crypto Currency Trading business for the last few years.

The best part of this EPC Wallet Business is, you don’t have to complete any daily task for getting Return of Investment (ROI).

“Other Services of Easy Pay Cash”

“Easy Pay Cash Plan” is an Indian Electronic Commerce and Payment system and their official web-portal is : http://www.m.epcwallet.co.in

EPC Wallet (Easy Pay Cash) is a Banglore based company and company has successfully launched their own application called “EPC Wallet”.  Company is also going to launch a very unique reward card in the market very soon.

Features of “Easy Pay Cash Plan (EPC Wallet)

  • Mobile Recharge
  • Electricity / Mobile Bill Payment
  • Flight & Hotel Booking
  • Easy Pay Wallet
  • Bus, Train Ticket Booking
  • Online Shopping Add Money to wallet
  • Send Money to Bank Account
  • Send Money to the Wallet of your Friend’s and Family

Features Points www.m.epcwallet.com Plan :

  • Daily ROI from Monday to Friday
  • ROI Payments daily in bank account account through NEFT
  • 10% Binary Income
  • 5% Direct Referral Income
  • No Task, No fake Add Click 
  • Minimum payout Rs.250/-
  • Total deduction 10% on Binary and Direct Referral Income

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Easy Pay Cash Plans & Benefits: 

Easy Pay Cash (EPC Wallet) has  designed a very unique compensation plan to compensate members who are working to make the most out of this income opportunity.  

Easy Pay Cash (EPC Wallet) Plan offers Three Types of plans our of which you have to select any one as per you choice for and after that you have to renew your ID again:   

” Rs.3,000 (Package 1) 

  • Get daily – Rs.30/-
  • After 2 Direct within 15 days / Get daily : Extra as per Chart Below
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.15,000/-
  • Plan Validity 200 days


” Rs.9,000 (Package 2)

  • Get daily – Rs.100/-
  • Booster Income : Get Daily Extra as per Chart Below
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.25,000/-
  • Plan Validity 200 days


” Rs.27,000 (Package 3)

  • Get daily – Rs.300/-
  • Booster Income : Get Daily Extra as per Chart Below
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.50,000/-
  • Plan Validity 200 days


” Rs.81,000 (Package 4)

  • Get daily – Rs.1,000/-
  • Booster Income : Get Daily Extra as per Chart Below
  • Daily Binary Capping – Rs.1,00,000/-
  • Plan Validity – 200 days

Easy Pay Cash (EPC Wallet) Plan offers Five Types of Income : 

  1. Daily Promo Bonus Income
  2. Daily Promo Booster Income
  3. Referral Bonus
  4. Matching Bonus
  5. Award and Rewards

Promo Booster Income
To get Booster Income to increase your daily income you have to Sponsor 2 Direct member of any package (Left & Right) within 15 days of ID  Top-up date.  After achieving Booster, you will be eligible for below ADDITIONAL Income as per following chart : –


Referral Bonus   05 %
You will get 5% Referral Bonus i.e. whenever any person join Easy Pay Cash Plan through your Sponsor ID for any package.

Example : If A joined with Company and B & C joined directly with the sponsor ID of A, then A will get 5% as Direct Sponsor Income from the package of B & C.  You can refer unlimited persons in your Direct.

Matching (Binary) Income –  10% (1:1 Ratio)
The most important income is Matching (Binary) Income, which is one where you do not have to do anything and you get money automatically in your Account.

You get 10% of the business value matching on both leg Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth).

Binary Capping as per mentioned in Plan.

Rewards (1) : You can achieve below rewards from Company with your team as per target mentioned.

Rewards (2) : In addition above rewards, Company has also announced that a Award Mega Seminar will be held in on 10, 11 & 12 Feb 2017 in Darjiling (including Airfare, Stay and enjoyment).  To achieve this Rewards, you have to earn 2 Lac as Working Income.


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How To Join EPC Wallet Plan?

I hope, after knowing about the Company and seeing amazing income Plan of Easy Pay Cash (EPC Wallet) Business Plan you must be exited that how to do join and start earning daily.  Joining EPC Wallet (Easy Pay Cash) Business plan is very simple process, just follow the below steps : –

Step 1 – First of All Click On : http://www.epcwallet.co.in/Home/Register

Step 2- Type your Full Name | Mobile Number | E-Mail ID | Put Sponsor ID : EPC794155 | Select Placement Leg : RIGHT Side |  Type Password and Confirm Password then finally Click on Submit Button.

Step 3- Done, you you have successfully registered.

Step 4- Now to activate your ID, Make Payment of your Desired Package Amount through IMPS or NEFT to any of the below Bank Account of Company : –

A/C NO. : 34830063383
IFS CODE : SBIN0016443

A/C NO. : 33593474005
IFS CODE : SBIN0016668

A/C NO. : 0911734308
IFS CODE : KKBK0008045

A/C NO. : 061211100001501
IFS CODE : ANDB0000612


Step 5- After Payment, you can also send screenshot to customer care or your upline or to Company.

Step 6- Done! Your account activated and you will start getting daily payment from next day morning.

You can also “WhatsApp” NEFT Screenshot to me : +91 8448629510/ +91-70115 18304

Contact Details of Company :

Address : HSR Layout, 1st Floor, Sector-6, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Contact : +91 9008038579 / +91 974 319 3608
E-Mail : info@easypaycash.com
Website : www.m.epcwallet.co.in

Legal Documents :

Click Here for Legal Documents (Certificate of Incorporation of their main Company) and all Bank Account Details of Company, where payment can be deposited for ID topup.

Easy Pay Cash Plan Review :

Easy Pay Cash Plan (www.epcwallet.co.in) has very new and has very unique Business Plan. 

Easy Pay Cash is Launching A Unique REWARD CARD  in the next 2-3 months time. This Card has facility for Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Hotel & Flight Booking, Online Shopping, Add money to Wallet and Send Money to Bank A/c etc. 

So it was expecting that Company may run for long or at least 1-2 years but stopped paying payment to their user after Feb-2018 only.

Because of this only, I always recommend you, do not invest more than, you can not afford to loose in any Online Business. (As there is no guarantee in all online programs 100% and cannot guarantee profit from the any online business site)

Please join at your own risk that you may lose out on your investment…because EPC was giving high return as compare to Bank so that there may be RISK.

If you have any questions / query, then don’t forget to comment below or
call on 08448629510




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