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Status of BitConnect Lending – Not Paying

Minimum Investment – $100

Sponsor ID : bit1234

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What is BitConnect Lending Plan?

Bitconnect lending plan  is one of the most powerful and handsome lending platform to lend Bitconnect Coin (BCC Coin) and get a chance in life to earn unlimited money so don’t miss it.

Bitconnect is a decentralized cryptocurrency.  A small investment with BitConnect Lending Plan can change the life through itss continuously increasing price.  BitConnect Lending Plan is paying from the last 1.5 years timely, now a days BitConnect Lending Plan worldwide is like a dream for all who want to make money through Crypto Currency.

BitConnect Lending Plan is a Genuine Platform to increase our BitCoin (BTC) through BitConnect Lending plan and it’s re-investment feature.  The most important part of this plan is that you can re-invest your earning to get maximum profit through BitConnect Volatility Software (check images below).

Click Here  for Complete Details of BitConnect Coin (BCC Coin).

About : is official website of Bitconnect Coin. This website is a NetWorking Platform of BitConnect Coin where you can transfer your Bitcoin into Bitconnect Coin and then lend for daily profit or daily return. It also works as an medium of exchange to buy and sell Bitconnect Coin.

BitConnect Coin (BCC Coin) Limit

Maximum coin supply : 28 million
Current available supply : 6 millions
Fresh New supply : Adding 23 million more via BCC mining (2.6 million) and BCC minting (20.4 million) over the time and its purely dependent on public demand

BitConnect Lending Plan Packages?

BitConnect Lending Plan offers wide range of packages for their investors to buy any packages from $ 100 to $1,00,000 and you can choose any package.  After taking any packages, you will get these two types of Income as per details below :

(1)  Daily Interest on Investment (You get upto 40% Interest per Month)


(Remember: Volatility software offers you a variable interest as per bitcoin market fluctuations)

(2) Referral Programe : (You can earn upto 7 level income)


Last 5 days profit of BitConnect Lending Plan


The interest rate that on your investment while using BitConnect investment platform is calculated by their BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily.

How to Activate ID or Invest with BitConnect Lending Plan?

Company has made very easy process for Activate ID or Invest with BitConnect Lending Plan.  Just follow the steps below and in no time you’ll have your Bitcoins working for you : –

Step-1 : Register on

  • Type Last Name
  • Type Email Address
  • Mention username of your choice
  • Password of your choice (Confidential)
  • Type Mobile Number (in starting mention +91 )
  • Sponsor ID : BIT1234
  • Date of Birth : Day//Month//Year (format)
  • Tick : I Agree and have read the Terms of Use
  • Tick on ‘I’m not a robot’
  • Finally click on Signup Button
  • Done, you have successfully register and activation link sent to your mail ID

Step-2: Deposit BitCoin

  • Login on the Dashboard of
  • Visit BitCoin Wallet (middle page of Dashboard)
  • Simply Click on “Green Button” as Deposit BitCoin (BTC) (as per picture 1.1 below)
  • Once you click on Deposit BitCoin (BTC) button then Company BitCoin deposit address will appear as Receive BTC Address (see as per picture 1.2 below)
  • Copy Company BTC Address or scan QR Code and send BitCoin
  • Once bitcoin sent to bitcoin address you will see unconfirmed transaction appear with pending confirmation on transaction history page.
  • It will be fully confirmed and available for trade with 3 bitcoin network confirmation. It can take around 30 minutes or more time depending on bitcoin network so do not worry and wait quietly.


Step-3: Buy BitConnect Coin from BCC Exchange

  • Once you see balance in your BitCoin wallet
  • Click on Exchange button on dashboard (see picture 2.1 beow)
  • OR you can click on BCC Exchange button (this is below Dashboard button)
  • After clicking on above button, scroll down the page and you will find a button as BUY/SELL BCC (see picture 2.2 below)
  • Simply Fill in BUY BCC (BitConnect Coin) form for your desired price and click “Buy BitConnect Coin” Button.


(Remember: Your bitcoins goes into your escrow account until successful trade execution if your bid price is lower than seller ask price).

Step-4: Lend or Invest BitConnect Coin (BCC Coin) from BitConnect Wallet

  • Once all your BCC filled in your BitConnect wallet, go to your user Dashboard.
  • Then press the “Lend BitConnect” button on Dashboard (see picture 3.1 below)


  • The Invest Bitconnect box will appear .INVEST-BITCONNECT
  • Enter amount you wish to Lend or Invest in USD.
  • Read the terms of service, rules and regulations and agree to the terms, check the small box.
  • Click on “pay from a BitConnect wallet” .
  • After clickinga confirmation box will appear.
  • Hit the “confirm button”.
  • You will see confirmation message, stating “payment completed.”
  • You did it!
  • The transaction is completed and successfully your ID activated or Invested BCC Coin with BitConnect Lending Plan.




(Incasse of any Feedback, you call call to : +91-8448629510)

Review of BitConnect Lending Plan

BitConnect lending plan is the best plan for investment running from last 1 and 1/2 year successfully and giving payments on regular basis. and lot of people earn in crores by doing this MLM Plan….. it is the best level plan in Network Marketing.

It gives approx monthly upto40% return which you can redeemed on daily basis.  I invest 2000$ and i am very happy to join this plan as i get my principle amount almost in 78 days.

Bitconnect lending plan can possibly develop however you ought to know that Crypto-Currencies are exceptionally unpredictable and the cost could go up or down inside a couple of moment.

We are not responsible for any kind of losses with BitConnect Lending Plan.  Never invest more money in the greed to earn more money.

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