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Here is ATC Coin Plan Review! 

ATC Coin is a new Crypto-Currency which was recently launched worldwide. ATC Coin is established Limited Company based on UK.

ATC Coin is an open source, global payment network.  ATC Coin is digital money, used for secure and instant transfer of value anywhere in the world, with no borders or limits.

There is no Government, Company, or Bank in charge on ATC Coin.

To know something about Crypto-Currency, then you would surely be aware with Bitcoins.  Bitcoin is the No.1 Crypto-Currency in the World which was launched few years ego at very less price but now the price of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is about Rs.2,00,000

Starting Price: Re. 1

Current Price : Rs.45 (within 6 months i.e. on 19.11.2017)

Refer ID : Millionaire02

Referral Link :

Minimum Investment: Rs.5,000/-

NOTE : We ( Are Not the ATC Coin Company Members or Directly Associated with Company. Do Join at your Own Risk. 

ATC Coin Plan Review

The price of ATC Coin was Re.1 in April 2017 and currently it is worth around Rs.8-10 per coin within just 4-5 months, and company expected to take the price of the coin at Rs.150 to Rs.250 in just 1-3 years time due to high demand Worldwide.

Since many people are willing to earn money with Bitcoins but everyone pocket doesn’t allows to spend around 2 Lakh instantly but here is an opportunity to invest in ATC Coin Plan to get maximum benefit in the near future.

We share ATC Coin Plan Review, where you can easily make a huge amount of money through their easy referral plan.  

ATC Coin is offering amazing business plan where you can make money by referring people.

ATC Coin Founder / Promoter

Now you must be thinking that who is promoting ATC Coin, so let us know few things about ATC Coin promoter.

ATC Coin is founded and being promoted by Sh. Subhash Jewria.

  • He started his first business of LPG Cylinder Bottling Plant in 1993
  • In 1997 Started Selling first Private Insurance Sector in MLM
  • In 2004 he tied-up with the online portal of Indian Railways – IRCTC –as the first agent offering cash cards and online ticketing services new venture as “One Stop Shop”.
  • Being a great marketer, he has traveled 22 countries for various meetings.
  • Many more like Jewaria Venture, Done Card  (Cash Card), My Life Bazaar, My Money Seva etc
  • And now he is making Crypto-Currency available to the people of India.

How ATC Coin Price will increase?

Let us see how will the price of ATC Coin increase or decrease?

  1. There are limited number of ATC Coins in the market.
  2. When people purchase it, then value of Coin will increase
  3. When you refer the ATC coin to other people, then more coin will be used by the people
  4. Thus, the price of the ATC Coin will increase more
  5. When people will use the coin to purchase things, then the price will increase more.

So when number of ATC Coins that come into the market, the price of the ATC Coin will increase. 


ATC Coin Business / Benefit Plan 

From ATC Coin Plan, you will have Amazing Business Opportunity in the Crypto-Currency World with their simple Refer and Earn Program.

Suppose when you sponsor someone to purchase ATC Coin and the referral process continues you will earn as per the following mentioned below.

To qualify for income of a certain level you need to have certain numbers of qualified members in that level as mentioned below . There is no limit to the number of person one person can sponsor in this business plan.

There are Four types of Incomes with ATC Coin Plan 

1) Direct Level/Referral Income (10%)

When any person directly sponsored by you in this Business, will be at your First Level and you will get 10% commission of their Package Amount as Direct Level/Referral Income.

Example : If your sponsored person purchased ATC Coin worth Rs.5,000/- then you will get Rs.500/- as Direct Level/Referral Income.

2) Level Income

  • You have an opportunity to earn Level Income up to 100 level by doing business yourself or your downline team.
  • Level Income will distribute against deposit amount.
  • Daily Closing

As of now ATC Coin Plan giving level income as below :-

Level One time Sales Income (Level Income)
1 10.00%
2-3 3.00%
3 One time Sales Income (Level Income)
4-8 2.00%
9-12 1.50%
13-15 1.00%
16-25 0.20%
26-50 0.10%
51-100 0.05%

3) Direct Growth Income – ROI (10%)

  • You will get 10% of purchased ATC Coin monthly start from next day of deposit confirmation.
  • It will credit after 30 days of Deposit Confirmation
  • It will be credit till 18 months and will show on Member’s I-Wallet.

Example : If you have purchased 1000 ATC Coin then you will get 100 ATC Coin every-month till 18 months.

4) Growth Level Income:

Suppose members direct growth income (of their own investment) is 10% of 5000 i.e. 500.  Now Growth Level Income will distribute against Direct Growth Income means 500 will distribute up to 100 levels according to below mention figures.  This is an amazing/passive income from ATC Coin Plan, where if you have made a team you will be earning every month.

Level Monthly Income of Cashback Payment (Growth Level Income)
1 5.00%
2-3 4.00%
3 3.00%
4 2.00%
5-15 1.00%
16-25 0.20%
26-50 0.10%
51-100 0.05%

5) Reward  : 

Level Rewards Downline Needed to Acheve Level
1   2
2   4
3 Personnel Accident Policy – 5 lakhs rupees 8
4 Family Floter Mediclame Policy – 1 Lakh 16
5 2 days Education Tour 32
6 Monthly Core Group Meeting with GALA DINNER By CMD Recommended 64
7 6% 128
8 4 N/5D Thailand Tour 258
9 5% 512
10 Singapore Tour with Family 1024
11 4% 2048
12 London Europe Tour with Office Visit 4096
13 3% Royalty + Toyota Fortuner 8192
14 2% Royalty + Mercedes 16384
15 1% Royalty + Jaguar Car 32768

Key Points of ATC Coin Plan: 

  1. Level income payout instantly / Leadership bonus income weekly – CASHBACK income monthly.
  2. Each personally sponsored affiliate set right, they will be at your First Level.
  3. When First Level affiliate members sponsors new member they will be placed at your Second Level.
  4. When Second Level affiliates sponsors new member they will be placed at your Third Level and this continues on down as many level are needed.
  5. If admin will change the figure of Growth % then it will be applicable to new payouts and joining.
  6. Admin charge 10% during the time of income generation.

How to Join ATC Coin Plan or Register on CryptoInbox?

After seeing such huge profits from the ATC Coin Plan and if you want to join ATC Coin and make money, then just follow the following steps to join and start earning from ATC Coin Plan:

1. First of all Visit :
2. Now Register as a New Member then following windows will come : –

3. Type Sponsor ID : Millionaire02 (Aminaz Wadhwaniya)  | Type User name (as per your choice) | Type Full Name (as per ID proof) | Type Valid E-Mail ID  & Mobile Number | Select State & City | Type Password (Confidential) | Click on Accept Terms and Conditions | Click on Register button.

4. Done, you have successfully registered and now you can login using your user name and password (don’t forget to verify your mail id).

5. After creating the account, you have to buy ATC Coin from OhoCash or from your known or from me and Top-Up your ID on CryptoInbox.  

6. Congratulations ! – You have successfully Invested / Purchased ATC Coin

Where to use ATC Coin?

ATC Coin also claims that these coins can be used to purchase items on any E-commerce platform… like normal money from : 

  • Purchase Flipkart product
  • Purchase Amazon product
  • Recharge Mobile Prepaid, Postpaid, DTH, etc
  • Purchase online Panthjali Product
  • Purchase and apply for Vijay Personal Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan etc
  • Book Air Ticket, Bus Ticket, Book Cabs
  • Purchase Daily use Vegetables, Milk, etc
  • Many more

Much more that you can do by using ATC Coin and many new things will be coming soon in the near future.

Note: Presently Mobile topup facility is available from ATC Coin.

How ATC Coin Works?

A transaction is a transfer of value between ATC Coin wallets that gets included in the block chain.  ATC Coin wallets keep a secret piece of data called a private key or seed, which is used to sign transactions, providing a mathematical proof that they have come from the owner of the wallet.

  • Generate ATC Coin address
  • Connect to ATC Coin network
  • Update or download transaction block chain
  • Send and receive ATC Coin – Offline clients:
  • Transactions transact directly with each other without using third party (No Bank)
  • Almost no processing fees.
  • No bank or Govt. Control – Which means no identity revelation and no freezing account.
  • Transactions are computationally impractical to reverse (to protect sellers from fraud)
  • Very difficult and expensive to hack (Hacking 10 minutes cost around half billion USD)

How to Check ATC Coin Price Today

As you may be aware that on the Trading Platform, price of ATC Coin change regularly, might go and up within a few minutes.  But no worry, you can easily check the current price of ATC Coin from a popular website.

1. Just click here

2. Search ATC Coin then you will able to see the current price.

3. To get latest Price in INR, you just refresh this page and keep visiting regularly for latest updates..

ATC Coin Plan Review

ATC Coin has some potential to grow but you should be aware that Crypto-Currencies are very volatile and the price could go Up or Down within a few minute.  It’s totally depend on on market and profit is not guaranteed.

One of the point to be noted that with this business, it is the fact that they deal in a Crypto-Currency that doesn’t seem to have any value outside the company itself…

The company claims that these coins are an investment and that the value will increase overtime…

In view of this, invest only that much you can afford to loose with ATC Coin Plan.   Never invest more money just in the greed to earning more money. Happening recently with Social Trade and other MLM Company…………

We ( is not directly associated with ATC Coin or CryptoInbox and we do not hold any responsibility for any losses of Money from ATC Coin Plan.  Hence, please join at your own risk that you may lose out on your investment…

If you have any query / information about ATC Coin (to be mentioned here), then don’t forget to comment below or WhatsApp on +91-8586009683


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