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An Italian based company launching for the first time in India Get ready to feel Italy in India

Here comes the revolution in network market. Union Vault Plan is an Italian based Company and is in the market since 2008 after completing 10 years of experience in buying / selling stakes e-commerce traveling portal web solutions and service-based platform. For the first time, we are launching a network-based platform with all services under a single roof.

About Union Vault Plan:

Mr. Andrea Russo’s unique ideas and inventions are deeply seeded into the minds at Union Vault Plan. Its unmatched amalgamation of the world-class platform has set new trends, enriched lives, brought color and have empowered people in many ways into many homes in the country and countries. The union vault believes that building and investing in people helps them grow, and hence the company grows together with them.

The brand has helped people all over the world to gain confidence and turn their beautiful dreams into reality. So let’s empower people together and happily spread the incredible Tupperware way of life! We invite you to extend this opportunity to yourself and all those whose lives you’d like to change positively, by bringing them greater happiness, inspiration, and success!

Union Vault Plan Services:

  • E-Commerce Solution -The platform gives empower to your brand.
  • Travel-Travel to your favorite holiday destination.
  • Lifestyle-Shop your choices with given incentives.
  • Pay Services-Get done yours recharges in your own vault.
  • UV Retail Cart-B2B trade & retail shopping.
  • Distribution of Business-Gives opportunity to enroll Union Vault distributor.

Union Vault Business Plan:

  • Customer: Everyone who purchases one of the Units, provided by Union Vault becomes our customer. It is possible to purchase the Another Unit directly from the website or from one of our affiliates.
  • Affiliate: A customer has the opportunity of becoming an affiliate and starting to earn commissions for sales and marketing activities.
  • Sponsor: A sponsor is an affiliate who has introduced you to Union Vault

Packages Union Vault Plan:

  • Package 1 Unit = INR 5000.00
  • Upgradable up to 1000 Units (i.e., 50,00,000/-) on a single Union Vault account
  • As Unit increases, the capping increases with respective units.
  • 1-10 Units Capping will be INR 50,000/-
  • 11 Units on a single account, Capping will be INR 55,000/-
  • 12 Units on a single account, Capping will be INR 60,000/-
  • For 13 Units on a single account, Capping will be INR 65,000/- and so on.

Union ROI (Return On Investment ) :

Daily returns 1.25% on the invested amount. (INR 62.50 for a single unit)
Valid Through 177 Days
Union ROI 7 days lock-in period, once you activate your I’d, ROI starts from the very next week (e.g.: – if you activate your account on Monday your RIO will start from the very next Monday).


Repurchase Income:

The Deduction from your income is 18%, wherein 10% will be Service charges and Admin charges and remaining 8% will be credited to your repurchase vault where you can utilize the fund to shop in Union Vault Cart.


  • Minimum withdrawal is 1000INR
  • Withdrawal can be done weekly twice on TUESDAY and FRIDAY (Credited within 72 hours through UPI payment system)

Terms and conditions :

  • On 1 KYC only 1 Affiliate Account can be created.
  • To be eligible for UNION MATCHING INCOME, 1:1 Ratio rule is mandatory.
  • 1 Unit = INR 5,000. So 1 Affiliate Account can be upgraded to a maximum of 1000 Units, i.e.; 1000 Units × INR 5000 = INR 50, 00,000.
  • To be eligible for UNION REFERRALS, ROYALTY active direct is a must.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit is INR 1,000.
  • The withdrawals are applicable twice a week. i.e., every TUESDAY and FRIDAY.
  • Amount withdrawn will be credited within 72 hours to the user’s bank account.
  • Deductions are 18%. So 10% including all service charges and the 8% will be credited to REPURCHASE Vault.
  • ROI will be generated on the 7th day onwards from the day of registration.


NOTE : We have not joined or invested this Company.  This is information is only for Education and Information Purpose.


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