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About Pesa Group Plan

Pesa Group Plan is a very easy way to earns in lacks and crores. The company Pesa Net Private Limited is one of the most well known company which is now available in India. Pesa group is that platform to Earn Money Online. It gives 80-85% Team Commission in. company was launched in February 2016 with just an investment of Rs.100 Pesa Net Private Limited is one of the best business plan through which you can earn money very easily as it is running been so longer.

Joining Pesa Group Plan is very easy from the below article you understand how to do Pesa Group Plan joining and also understand Pesa Grou Plan.


What is Plan?

Pesa Group Plan is a life changing marketing product company that provides you amazing commissions. It provides educational products and strategies to Normal people, Marketers, Business Owners to increase their knowledge about Marketing. These products will help you to increase your income as well as will provide you extra source of Income by giving handsome commissions as well.

Pesa Net Private Limited provide you the potential to make more money in your existing business by giving you tools, educational products, coaching that work to help you achieve great Lifestyle.

Founder of Pesa Group Plan



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There are total 4 types of packages in pesa group plan

1. Rs.999 = Student pack
2. Rs.5,000 = Leader pack
3. Rs.10,000 = Director pack
4. Rs.20,000 = All in one pack

Pesa Group Plan in Details

There are two types of income in Pesa Group Plan : –

  1. Non working Pesa Group income
  2. Working Pesa Group income

Here is Non Working Plan in brief. 
The non working plan of Pesa Group Plan is fully based on turnover basis which the best part of Company to run for long term :

(A) Personal sale of Rs.10,000 within 30 days of joining
You get Company turnover 5% till 3 years

(B)Personal sale of Rs.50,000 rs within 4 months of joining
You get Company turnover 10% till 5 years

Here is Pesa Group working plan which can make your income in crores if you do work

(A)Binary income

Suppose if you join any one person in your left side and one person in your right side than your will get 10% of matching amount as a commission.

For example= your friend join with 10000 in your left side and another friend join with 10000 in your right side than you got 10% of 10000 i.e, 1000 as a commission.

(B)Super reward income

pesa-group-rewards - CopyOne of the best income from Pesa Group Plan 

(C)Leadership income

Pesa-Group-Leadership-Bonus - Copy

You are the leader of your team so company gives you some additional benefits on your team working income on your rank basis.This income is also a slow poison income which gives a handsome income and self motivation to work in this company.Please read the below chart properly to understand leadership income.

(D) Car Fund


Slow income but good income. In this if you are a king businessman of the company than the company will distribute 5% company turnover in king businessman category.

(E) House fund

Slow income but handsome income.In this if you are a crown businessman of the company than the company will distribute 5% company turnover in crown businessman category.

(F) Repurchase income

10% of your team income is hold in repurchase wallet and you will receive business volume again and again from your existing team.

Note-only binary income and leadership income will be distributed on repurchase of products.

(G)Retail commission

Company gives 10% discount on purchase of package

How to Join Pesa Group Plan?

For joining Pesa Group Plan – You may contact any MLM leader near to you.

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