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What is Orindo Global Plan?

Orindo Global Pvt Ltd. is part of Orindo Global Nutracos Group of Companies.  Orindo Global Nutracos Pvt Ltd. formerly known as well INutracos Pvt. Ltd. and Bio Serum Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. and situated in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, where he prepares formula of multi organic products that company provide organic products to traditional market.

Orindo Global Plan is being run by CMD Mr. Surender Nath Sharma.  He is a Businessman, Social Worker & Networker.  He live in Delhi and operating NGO and invested in many traditional businesses, and also involved in Networking Industry.

Mr. Surender Nath Sharma is an Organic Scientist & Life time Researcher.  After successfully working in traditional Business since last one decade in Pharmaceutical Productions and Marketing, now entered in Direct Selling Industry as per the market demand for Transport Solutions and Health Solution.

Company Vision

To establish the Company as a Research based Company for the Healthy Society, using our essential moral values of Ayurveda and bio-science with latest technology and to be the global leader in health care with our innovative R & D work on ancient Indian Vedas, Organic Herbal Products and Ayurveda through direct selling business module.

Company Vision

To provide the best health care and life care products of high valued global standard vedic research, scientific evaluated with innovative techno science by direct selling industries. As well as we are trying our best to generate a rewarding opportunity and fruitful life for our independent business associates, shares holders, employees and the users.

Products of Orindo Global Plan

Orindo Immunity Power Booster Product is a single product that will take the company to the world level. The quality of this product is so tremendous that the company will compete at the world level. The company’s VISION is to launch the company out of India in 2020. And the business plan is so tremendous that anyone can take great income and can easily fulfill their dreams.

Orindo Organic Green Tea: This green tea prevent you from the bad breath and the tooth decay, it helps into relieve a migraine and headaches, lower stress and enhance brain health, boost immunity and bone health.

Package of Orindo Global Plan

Orindo Global Plan offers 3 different types of packages for joining as per below : –

Package 1 – INR 1,000/-

  • Product : Orindo Organic Green Tea 50 gm OR Tour Package of 3 Day 2 Night ( only Stay )
  • Binary Capping : Rs.2,000/- per Day

Package 2 – INR 5,000/-

  • Fuel : 500/- Monthly for 12 months (Worth 6000/-)
  • Product : (1) Immunity Booster Complete Health Product 1 Litre OR (2) Tour Package National/International 3 Day 2 Night with 2000/- of Meal Reimbursement
  • Binary Capping : Rs.10,000/- per Day

Package 3 – INR 15,000/-

  • Fuel : 15000/- Monthly for 12 months (Worth 18000/-)
  • Product : 02 Tour Package National/International 3 Day 2 Night with Reimbursement of 2000 of Meal Voucher
  • Binary Capping : Rs.30,000/- per Day

NOTE : Payout 5th, 15th and 25th (3 Times in a Month)


(1) Direct Sponsoring :

If any person joined directly with your sponsor ID, you will get 5% of joining packages and unlimited Direct Sponsoring allowed.

(2) Matching Bonus :

You will get 7% to 9% of Matching Business done by you or by your downline team member according to your total Business done by your team (1:1 ratio).  Binary Capping mentioned with Package.

(3) Leadership Bonus :

Orindo Global Plan gives Leadership Bonus upto 10 Levels as per below : –

  • Level 1     –    50%
  • Level 2    –    10%
  • Level 3    –    5%
  • Level 4    –    3%
  • Level 5    –    2%
  • Level 6    –    1%
  • Level 7 to 10    –    0.5%

(4) Appreciate Royalty :

Orindo Global Plan offers 2 different Royalty Pool as per details below : –

  • 5% Company Turnover ( 2000 BVP to 5000 BVP ) 40000 BV to 96000 BV ( 10 to 24 Direct Sponsoring )
  • 5% Company Turnover ( 5000 BVP to 15000 BVP ) 100000 BV to Unlimited BV ( 25 and above Direct Sponsoring )

(BV = Business Volume | BVP = Business Volume Point | Appreciate Royalty will be distributed upto 12 months)

(5) Networking Royalty :

Networking-Royality(Profit sharing on 5ooo/- & 15000/- Joining Amount)

(5) Rank & Rewards :

Rank-Rewards-Orindo-Global-Plan(1 Year Time Limit for Achieving Rank Manager)

Contact of Orindo Global Plan

Company Name : ORINDO GLOBAL

Address : D-112, 5th Floor, near Karur Vyasya Bank, Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi 110020

Final Review by TrickyIdeas

Orindo Global Plan is one of the best and Legal Product based MLM concept.

Company is successfully running in the market for the last 5 years in traditional business and recently started MLM concept which attracts the new Customers maintly for Petro Card and Company growing day by day.

Orindo Global Plan is not a Money Rotation concept or scheme, here Company generates income from their traditional business from the investment taken from the members.

In view of this, Company has really a strong base and I am also planning to work and my experience says, company is giving payment on time to everyone, and it run longer.

Orindo Global Plan is risk free and liability free because we get Products as well as Petro Card against our Joining Package.

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