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About NMM Plans?

NMM Plan is a new generation Investment Plan launched in Network Marketing recently by NMM Producter Company Limited, which is a part of the leading Company in India called NMM Group. 

NMM Group is a big supplier of Jindal Group & Tata Steel and played a key role in India’s top Steel Mining Company.  Company processes vertical integration from Raw Material to Finished Products and is setting up Sponge Iron and Rolling Mills to cater to TMT and Ingot Demands.

NMM Company founded in 2005.  Company ranked among India’s Top Business Houses, NMM Innocatives and sustainable forays into the core sector of Steel Mining and Infrastructure Development are helping build a New Nation.

Company presently servicing in Iron Ore Mining, Exploration, HEMM Leasing, Mineral Trading, Irrigation Projects, Pllet Manufacturing etc.

NMM Group has it’s presence at 7 Major part that handle large large volume, which are Chennai Port, Cochin Port, Visakhapatnam Port, Kandala Port, Kolkata Port, Pradip Haldia Port, Mumbai Port.

Sector Survey : 

Mining : The backbone of Indian manufacturing and infrastructure.  Mining is a major activity in India and the industry is backbone of the economic. This sector contributed about 2.6% of GDP in 2015-16 with barely 20% of reserves mines. (Info. from NMM Office)

As per the outlook, Mr. T V Narendran, Chairman of World Steel Economics Committee said, “In the next couple of years the global economic situation is expected to remain favourable with high confidence and strengthening recovery of investment levels in advance economics.  Benefiting from this, steel demand in both developed and developing economics is expected to show sustained growth momentum with risks relatively limited” (Info from : NMM Broucher)


NMM Group recently launched Investment Plan (having ultimate Business Plan) in Network Marketing in the name of NMM Producer Company Limited and official website is : www.nalinimines.com



NMM Group launched ultimate business plan, where investor get upto 200% return on their investment and if they do Networking then they can also earn unlimited Money through this Plan, now we will discuss NMM Plan in details : –

Packages of NMM Plan

NMM Plan have 5 different Package, select anyone and start business, each package gives different monthly return but upto 200% of your Investment, which are : –


ROI Payout Monthly – on 15th of Every Month

All return are upto 200% only and Company will give you deposit certificate for your Investment, some samples are : –

Depositor-Certificate-NMM-Plan Depositor-Certificate-NMM-Plan1

Income Opportunity of NMM Plans

(1) Binary Bonus : 8.1% of Matching Business

First pair Matching 2:1 and 1:2 ratio after that 1:1 ratio and Power Leg Carry Forward.

Binary capping as per Packages and Binary Payout on 11th, 21st & 1st of every month.

(2) Direct Referral Bonus :

If you sponsor your referral Account with same or Higher package, you will get 3% bonus for 12 months from each of your direct sponsor. ***(within 30 days of activation of your ID)

(3) Sponsor Matching Bonus : 10% from the Matching Income of your directly referred person in your team.

(4) Super Level Bonus : Upto 10 level, as per table below : –

Level-Income-NMM-Plans(5) Rewards : Company announces Rewards times to time but currently running rewards are : –


Contact Details of NMM Group :

Office Address Farm House No. 83, Central Avenue, Block – E, Gate No. 1, Sainik Farm, New Delhi –110062 House No. Q3/14 (Ground Floor), Civil Township, PO: Rourkela – 769004, PS: Raghunathpalli, Dist. Sundargarh, Odisha
E-Mail ID info@nalinimines.com help@nalinimines.com
Contact No. for Joining 08586009683 08750877691


Legals of NMM Plan

If we talk about Legal Documents like Registration, PAN etc then all the documents are available with Company, which can also be verified on the Govt website / portal. If we talk about plan approval then then it is yet to be shown.

Final Review of NMM Plan

NMM Plan (NMM Producer Company Ltd) is a parent company of NMM Group (Nalini Mines and Minerals). NMM Group is one of the leading Steel Mining Company in India and successfully running since 2005 and company have good backup.

Company recently launched for crowd-funding for expansion of their business and company will share some profit with their investor i.e. 200% of Investment (Deposit Certificate is also given by Company). You can make money by starting some small investment from your pocket.

It’s may be possible that, if Company really invest this amount to their traditional business then Company give such return but keep in mind that this kind of MLM plan is not legal. But looking for the Business Sector, Company may run longer.

But still I reccommend, that do not investment more than you cannot afford to loose, as there are always risk in online business.

If you have any query / suggestion, you can Comment Below or Call 08586009683



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