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What is Afofee Plan?

Afofee is purely an advertising company who promotes or advertises the brand and products of their clients through their subscribers. Their vision is to bring the entire world under the same platform & give them the best option to advertise their brands and for their customer to buy the best products as well and best way to earn money online by doing online work.

It was started in the year of 2011 by 2 Brazilians friends Jorge Safra & Douglas Flinto and now working almost in 8 countries including India, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, and Brazil.

Afofee join hands with to operate in India and has a branch office in Vashi, Maharashtra.

Afofee has it’s own shopping portal named “ZUVOKI”. Afofee is giving 252.5% of total investment / purchase plan in just 165 days even without joining any person. The best part of Afofee plan is that we you don’t need to add two members to activate the booster like any other company.

Status of Afofee                Presently Not Paying
Category                       –          MLM Plan, Mid-Risk Plan
Payment Process                –          Bitcoin, INR Bank Transfer.
Minimum Investment             –          $ 100
Referral Commission            –          5% Refer Bonus
Our Trust Score                –          8/10

# Latest Update #

  • Afofee plan has been changed, now INR transaction is not accepting.
  • All transaction will be done through Bitcoins so plan amount may vary as per Bitcoin Rate.
  • Currently company is not paying and Company is saying to wait till 5th March but still no update
  • I suggest don’t join till for some time
  • For latest Updates of Afofee Plan CLICK HERE

Watch Below Video for More Details :

Requirement for Joining Afofee

Afofee require a few documents for verification and joining which includes : –

  • PAN Card
  • Mobile Number
  • E-Mail ID
  • Bitcoin Address for payment

Steps To Join Afofee and Earn Money Online?

1- Click here for Registration

2- Select your Country | Enter Name | Mobile Number | Enter Anything in User ID | Email ID | PAN Card Number & Password (which contains 1 Capital Letter, 1 Number, 1 Special Character like Ramesh@12345), Enter Password Again in ‘Confirm Password’, Tick on I Agree & Click on Submit.

3- To Purchase-ECode, Login with your User ID and Password, the following dashboard will seem, Click on Purchase E-Code below Dashboard Menu. Select your E-Code (Plan), Enter “1in No. of Code & Click on Add E-Code button.

4- As you click on Add E-Code, then message ‘E-Code Added Successfully Click Here to check out’ appears. Then click on Click Here link.

5- Then, Click on Check Out Again and now select Bitcoin.

6- On the next page, you can see the Amount & Bitcoin Address for making payment. Now pay the mentioned payment using your Bitcoin Wallet (Zebpay, Blockchain etc) to the mentioned Bitcoin Address. For more details watch this video.

7- Just wait for 3-4 hours till everything is approved. You will get SMS when activated.

8- Click on Dashboard and click on View E-Code. Now, Enter your Transaction Password to show E-Code.

9- Under Dashboard, click on Upgrade Account. Now fill the Member ID, E-Code of selected Plan and Password >>Click Upgrade.

Your Id will be activated instantly.

Quick Benefits of

  • No booster required like Social Trade, Web-Work etc
  • 5% Direct Referral Income
  • 8% Binary Promotional Income
  • ID get activated within 1-2 hours
  • Earn daily (all 7 days) – No holiday
  • Daily Income is guaranteed

Packages in Afofee?

Afofee offers four active business plans (validity of Each Package is 5.5 Months – 165 days) from which you have to select one as per your wish to start earning from Afofee:

1- Starter Package- $50
2- Professional Package – $100
3- Enterprises Package – $250
4- Premium Package – $500
5- Super Premium Package – $1,000 (New & Good Plan)

NOTE : $300 is capping for each day in all Plans. A person can have multiple memberships for him / her with a same name / mobile number / PAN.

Below is the profit you can make from Afofee without joining anyone. If you want to earn more than below income, just follow our guide and we will let you know how you can earn more than this (Below returns are shown is based on $1 = INR 65)

Benefits of Joining Afofee :

You will get four types of income. 1st & 2nd incomes are your total income upon the plan you will join.

(1) Session Income – 4.25% two times in a week (4.25% for 40 sessions)
(2) Daily Task Income – 0.50% of selected plan
(3) Direct Referral Income – 5% of plan amount
(4) Binary Promotional Income – 8% of 1:1 ratio

Now Let’s Calculate the Profits you can make from Afofee :

You have to make your daily task complete for 165 days / 5.5 months. If you do it without connecting/joining any member, you will get below following benefits : –

  • Task Income Per Day ( 0.5% of selected plan) × 165 = 82.5 %
  • Session Income ( 4.25% sessions) x 40 = 170%
  • Entire Income will be 170% + 82.5% = 252.5 %

It is the total income you will get if you do not join/register any member with Afofee. It will be 252.5% of your total investment / purchase plan in just 165 days.

If you join any member with Afofee, you will get following extra income over and above 252.5%.

  • Direct Refer Income – 5% (50% for withdrawal & 50% to purchase E-Code)
  • Binary Income – 8% of 1: 1 ratio (50% for withdrawal & 50% to purchase E-Code)

Legal Documents Afofee?

Disclaimer & Final Review?

  • In Afofee, they commits that you can money within just 165 days just by working online even without any referring person.
  • Presently company (Afofee) is stopped payment saying to start payout after 5th March
  • Also we recommend, before joining with our referral link, please investigate and find review about Company and Click Here to read and accept our simple terms & conditions.

For Joining :

WhatsApp “AFOFEE” TO : +91 9711536983
Call : +91 9278210484 (Nitin)
Call : +91 7899255349 (Venkatesh) – Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam & Kannada






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