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About Impact 101 Crowdfunding Plan

Impact 101 Crowdfunding Plan is a world leader in offering mobile landing pages to companies to assist to raise their direct exposure and also income. With your Impact101 membership you receive a fully customized Impact101 mobile landing page to promote your cause and your Impact101 platform.

Impact101 is a totally new initiative of QRGL Marketing Inc. in the relationship marketing arena. Rest assured; there’s nothing new about the experience and expertise of the team behind its creation.

The company is a global leader in the IT space with a worldwide team, worldwide servers and long-serving relationships with other key international IT companies. Frank Servedio, and Hans Looman, have been successfully combining their respective skills since they started QRGL Marketing Inc. in 2011.

Frank is an entrepreneur with a marketing and sales career spanning 45 years. His successes have been in the stock market, real estate, Forex, education, affiliate marketing and digital currency fields. He knows what it takes to get your message to your market

Few examples of what people are raising funds for :

  • Help with family living expenses
  • Support important causes and charities
  • Help with community projects
  • Take care of loved ones
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Start a new business
  • Chase a dream
  • Pay off student loans
  • Pay for a wedding
  • Pay off debt
  • Get a new vehicle
  • Take a dream family vacation
  • Buy a new house
  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Daycare
  • Help with retirement
  • Pay for education/training courses
  • To be able to stay at home with children
  • To be able to pay it forward
  • Summer camp or sports for children
  • New equipment for a business
  • To take a break

Feature of Impact 101 Crowdfunding Plan

1. : A Single Platform Crowdfunding and Marketing system that allows you to receive half of everything that happens in your Donation Grids FOR EVER.

2. : IMPACT101 is based on a 2×2 Grid Process. This is the most successful 2×2 follow-me donation process in history

3. : IMPACT101 is a Team Crowdfunding System that provides help from Both Above & Below you can also receive donation, seconds after registering.

4. :IMPACT101 is a Peer-to-Peer Team Crowdfunding System, which means there is No Middleman. 100% of the donations are immediately assigned to a beneficiary.

5. : IMPACT101 provides you with an easy to navigate totally automated dashboard that displays everything in real-time to allow you to monitor your donation second by second.

What is Donation Grid of Impact 101 Crowd Funding Plan & how Donation Grid Works ?

$40 – 6 Donations X $20 = $120
$80 – 6 Donations X $40 = $240
$150 – 6 Donations X $75 = $450
$300 – 6 Donations X $150 = $900
$600 – 6 Donations X $300 = $1800
$1200 – 6 Donations X $600 = $3600
$2400 – 6 Donations X $1200 = $7200
$4800 – 6 Donations X $2400 = $14400



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