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About EverGreen India Plan?

EverGreen India Plan is a new MLM Company, who run investment plan with small package with high return if you make team.  In just few days Company started in many states in the country and they have many satisfied customer from the service of the Company.

EverGreen India Plan launched form Alwar Rajasthan, which will provide services such as Shopping (like Amozon, Flipkart etc), Mobile Recharge, Utility Bills, Hotel Booking etc.


EverGreen India Business Plan?

Investment Package:

EverGreen Future Plan joining Package of Rs.700/- only

(1) Invest 7,700/- and Total Income 25,500/-
(2) Invest 10,500/- and Total Income 35,700/-
(3) Invest 14,700/- and Total Income 51,000/-
(4) Invest 28,700/- and Total Income 1,02,000/-
(5) Invest 35,700/- and Total Income 1,27,500/-
(6) Invest 70,700/- and Total Income 2,55,000/-

There are 5 types of Income with EverGreen India Plan ?

1) Royalty Income : 

You will get Royalty Income of Rs.50/- on every 2 Direct Referral (for 100 days), for example : –

  • 2 Direct Referral    –   50/- per Day
  • 6 Direct Referral    –   150/- per day
  • 10 Direct Referral  –   250/- per day
  • 20 Direct Referral  –   500/- per day
  • 40 Direct Referral  –   1,000/- per day

(Royalty Income for 100 days only)

2) Core Membership Income : 

If you refer 10 Direct Left and 10 Direct Right, then you will enter into a Core Member Pool, where you will get 5% of Company Turn Over every weekly.

3) Matching Income :

You will get Rs.100/- per pair unlimited debth (1:2 or 2:1 ratio)

(Daily Capping only Rs.1,200/- Per ID)

4) Level Income :

1st Level    –  5%
2nd Level  – 2%
3rd Level   – 1%

5) Award Income :

There are many Cash Rewards based on matching business point with No-Time-Limit, as per details below :  –

    • 20 Pair Matching   –    1,000/- Cash
    • 50 Pair Matching  –    2,500/- Cash
    • 200 Pair Matching  –    10,000/- Cash
    • 500 Pair Matching  –    20,000/- Cash
    • 2000 Pair Matching  –    75,000/- Cash
    • 5,000 Pair Matching  –    1,50,000/- Cash
    • 50,000 Pair Matching  –    3,00,000/- Cash
    • 1,00,000 Pair Matching  –    25,00,000/- Cash

Payout Details : 

  • Royalty Income – Daily Closing – Weekly Payout
  • Binary Income – Daily Closing – Weekly Payout
  • Core Incentive Income – Weekly Closing – Weekly Payout
  • Level Income – Daily Closing – Weekly Payout

(Minimum Payout 500/-)

How to Join EverGreen India Plan Account?

STEP 1=  First of All Register on the Company website : www.evergreenindia.co.in with the following details :

  • Type Sponsor ID : Team01
  • Select Position : Left / Right and then click on Register
  • Type your Desired ID : (of your choice)
  • Type your Full Name :
  • Type Sex : (Male / Female)
  • Type Mail ID :
  • Type Mobile Number
  • Type Password : (of your choice)
  • Then click on Register Button

STEP 2= Done, you have successfully registered and you will get your ID password on your mobile.

STEP 3= After Registration, deposit payment in below Company Bank Account via NEFT / IMPS / RTGS or any other mode and take Screenshot of that : 

Account Holder : Ever Greens India
Account No. : 2513282614
IFSC Code : KKBK0003707
Bank & Branch Name : Kotak Mahindra Bank, Diwakari Branch
STEP 4=  After payment, send slip to Company, after verification of payment Company will send your PIN than, you can activate your ID.

Legal Documents of Company :

Legal Documents and Bank Account of the Company will be provided by Company or upline on your WhatsApp.

My Ever Green Future Plan Review

EverGreen India Plan is very awesome because this very small investment of Rs.700/-

The best part of this Plan is – with small investment of Rs.700/-, if work or make a good team, you can earn handsome income without making any big investment.

As per my option, you can start this plan with small investment of Rs.700/- keeping in mind that, you may loose this amount, but if you make team with this small risk, then you can earn good income.

Guys i am not forcing anyone to join always study at your own then only join, if you talk about me, I have not joined this Concept yet.


We are not the legal adviser of investment in any company only put review here so always join the company at your own risk after checking all details of any Company.  We are not liable if any loss. And be sure always invest that much amount that you loose to afford don’t blame anyone.



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